Ferrum Ultra Filter for Gravity Water Purifiers

449.00 Inc. GST

1 unit of Ferrum Ultra Filter along with 1 pack of Assembly connector and Washer Gasket.

    For Clean & Clear Water with No Bacteria, Cyst, Protozoa, other microbes.

For use in Products :-

  • Ferrum Ultra Pro (F304UP1)
  • Ferrum Ultra Pro+ (F304UP2)
  • Ferrum Thames Ultra Pure 20
  • Ferrum Thames Ultra Pure 24

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  • No Chemicals Used. All natural Purification
  • Ultra Filters for pure water free from bacteria, cyst, protozoa and other micro-organism.
  • No mineral loss

Ferrum Ultra Filter : No way for the Bacteria, Cysts, Protozoa and other Micro-organisms. Traps upto 0.01 microns. Delivers Clean, Clear and Pure Water. 



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