Ferrum Ultra Pure Filter Refill Kit for Gravity Water Purifier FTU20 & FTU24

599.00 Inc. GST

Ferrum Ultra Pure Replacement Filters Kit or Purification Refill kits.

Consists of : –

  • 1 + 1 Ferrum Multilayer GACT Carbon Cartridge
  • 1 Ferrum Ultra Filter
  • 1 Pack of Assembly Connector and Washer Gasket

For use in Products :-

  • Ferrum Ultra Pure (Thames Ultra Pure) FTU20
  • Ferrum Ultra Pure (Thames Ultra Pure) FTU24

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  • No Chemicals Used. All natural Purification
  • Ultra Filters for pure water free from bacteria, cyst, protozoa and other micro-organism.
  • No mineral loss

Ferrum’s Prime Grade Multi layer PP Sediment and CTO Cartridge with Activated Carbon granules to provide nourishment to the water by regulating the chlorine content, improving taste and odour. 

Ferrum Ultra Filter : No way for the Bacteria, Cysts, Protozoa and other Micro-organisms. Traps upto 0.01 microns



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