Ferrum Ultra Pure Water Purifier Stainless Steel with American Engineered UltraFilter and GACT Carbon Gravity Based Water Filter 24L (12L+12L)

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  • American Engineered Design and Technology for Purification
  • Stainless Steel with Durable construction
  • Fast Ultra Filters for Zero Bacteria, Cyst, Protozoa for Pure Water
  • Granular Activated Carbon – Regulates, Chlorine, Color, Taste, Odour
  • Larger Filtration range of 3000-4000 Litres
  • Crystal Clear, Safe Drinking Water
  • Chemical-Free Purification – All natural
  • No Electricity Required – Works on Gravity
  • Easy and Do it Yourself. No Technician and Plumber required

Included Components

1 each of Stainless Steel Lid, Upper Chamber, and Lower Chamber, 1 of Multi-Layer PF GACT Carbon Cartridge, 1 Ultra Filter Membrane, 1 each of Tap and Lid Knob, 1 each of Assembly and Washer, 1 of Syringe for Flushing


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Ferrum Ultra Pure Water Purifier Stainless Steel with American Engineered UltraFilter and GACT Carbon Gravity Based Water Filter 24L

This Water Purifier absolutely needs no electricity and running water and no technician for maintenance. It is easy to use and completely based on DIY (Do it Yourself). If your home is supplied with Municipal Supply Water then this should be a preferred choice and highly recommended product fit for your home to give your family safe drinking water. It is advised to Read and Follow the Product User Manual before assembling and using the Water Purifier.

With the American pioneers Ferrum Global LLC, USA, Ferrum in India brings to you the American Engineered Gravity Water Purifier constructed with Stainless Steel (SS – LN – Low Nickel based) with 3-stage Purification. The Upper Chamber consists of 2 stages multi-layer Pre Filter with Granular Activated Carbon which provides pre-filtration of the raw water. It prevents the suspended matter, dirt, sand, silt, and larger particles. The Activated Carbon Granules nourish the water and enrichen it. It also regulates CTO (Chlorine, Taste, Odour) to smoothen the water. In the Lower Chamber, the advanced ultrafilter membrane purifies the water and traps the bacteria, cysts, protozoa, and other micro-organisms and disease-causing agents.

The Membrane filter totally traps and removes the micro-organism to give you pure, enriched, and nourished water. The whole Purifier unit does not use any sort of chemical or external treating agent to clean the water. It is a natural purification process based on gravity. This water Purifier can give a higher purification and flow rate of up to 6-10L Per hour on average depending upon incoming water quality and the height level of water in the upper chamber. The higher the purifier is filled it gives the fastest purified water.




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